lines & layers [2016] : Interpretation of this collection is discovered independently; art and the roles it can play in each individual life are subjective. This exhibition was designed to focus on the past, present, and future in life’s journey. The epicenter of the pathways encountered, crossed, and diverted from continue to line up and layer. Lending attention to the straightness of the lines and moving forward with acceptance of imperfection. Notwithstanding the insignificance of simplicity created, but processing the underlying practice of continuing to move ahead in life without (excessive) regard to the straightness of the path. This expression is therapeutic in its most basic and complex practice, and naturally heals, sometimes without direct intention of understanding the past, present, or future.

The pieces in this collection were designed to carry remarkable connections with and for the collector. Typically, a work(s) is purchased and displayed for enjoyment in one location. Since each lines & layers piece consists of at least two canvasses, one+ can be gifted to another person(s) to whom the collector appreciates. A deep connection is materialized when either owner glances/ponders on the artwork, even oceans apart. Every single moment’s view or thought the work is given, without delay and in return, the work interconnects one with another. Every moment given, is a moment given in return; the gift of time.

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